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We are writing in reference to the change in account information of CCAA due to the relocation of Dongdan Subbranch of China Construction Bank. Please wire the Information Fee, Information Translation Fee, Annual Fee and USBKey Fee to Xinhua Subbranch of China Construction Bank, as updated in the following...
Ethiopian Government Delegation Visited CCCWA Mar 27, 2012
Notice on Change of Bank Account Information Sep 13, 2011
Requirements for the Content and Format of Post Placement Reports Apr 21, 2011
A Briefing on Inter-country Adoption Work Was Held in Beijing Apr 21, 2011
A Ceremony in Commemoration of the Opening of China Center ... Mar 26, 2011
Notice Mar 21, 2011
"National Child Welfare Information Management System" Officially Put In Use Feb 16, 2011
Seasonal Greetings Jan 31, 2011
An Investigating Delegation of MoJ Vietnam Visited CCAA Dec 20, 2010
Research Group of National Child Welfare Management Information System Head for Inner Mongolia
Children's Hope International and ASG, Co. Donation Ceremony Held in CCAA Dec 02, 2010
Delegation of Service for Adoption International France Visited CCAA on 12 Oct Oct 20, 2010
Delegation of Hong Kong Social Welfare Department Visited CCAA on 14 Oct Oct 20, 2010
Delegation Headed by Director-General Zhang Shifeng of CCAA Visited the States and Held the Second Inter-country Adoption Training Program Oct 12, 2010
Admission Completed for 2010 “Higher Education Assistance Project for Orphans and Disabled Children” July 26, 2010
Seminar for Experts on Professional Training and Assessment of Special Needs Child Care-givers Held in Beijing Child Welfare Institute July 19, 2010
Hague Conference on International Private Law Held the Third Special Commission Meeting July 01, 2010
The 3rd and 4th Session of CCAA “Journey of Hope” Held in Shenzhen June 23,2010
CCAA Delegation Headed by Deputy Director-General Ms. Chu Xiaoying Visited Sweden and Norway June 22,2010
Deputy Director-General of CCAA, Ms. Gan Weiwei, Led a Delegation to Visit New Zealand and Australia June 13,2010
Deputy Director-General of CCAA, Gan Weiwei, Met with Visitors from Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands June 3,2010
Children of Hang Zhou Children's Welfare Institution Participated in CCAA "Journey of Hope" Camp May 13,2010
American World Adoption Donate Four Boxes of Cleft Lip/Palate Bottles to Child Care Project May 13,2010
Documents and Papers Required for Adoption of Stepchildren by Foreign Citizens Mar 16,2010
Notification for Child-Care Projects'changing donation account Mar 15,2010
The 1st Nationwide Training for Physical Therapist (Brain Paralysis) in Children's Welfare Institutions Held in Chongqing April 25,2008

A letter to Adoptive Parents and Adoptees 2011-07-04
Notice on Change of Bank Account Information 2011-09-13
Research Group of National Child Welfare Managemen... 2010-12-03
Admission Completed for 2010 “Higher Education Ass... 2010-07-26

Adoptive law of the People Repub...
Measures for Registration of Ado...
Declaration of the Rights of the...
Convention on the Rights of the ...

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